"Squirrels" performed by The Grand Flute Ensemble

What a magnificent performance by The Grand Flute Ensemble! Such a beautiful and festive stage, I wish I could have been there. Thank you so m...

"Stowaway" performed by flutist Dominyka Šeibok and the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra

Proud to share this fantastic performance with you! Lithuanian flutist Dominyka Šeibok and the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Mindaugas ...

"Autumn" performed by Claudia Charles and James Lubrano

Thank you, Claudia and James, for this video performance! You both sound great together! Watch

"Rising Oceans" performed by Christine Erlander Beard and Alex Ritter

Christine and Alex, thank you both so much for this beautiful and emotional performance. I also loved that you added the touching images. Perf...

"Aye, Aye, Rascal" performed by Romana Flute

Beautiful performance, Romana! Thank you for playing my music! Performers Romana Flute - Flute Watch 

"Autumn" performed by Adrián Silva, Daniel Riveiro, and Fran Troncoso

Love the creative interpretation, this is a great performance! Thank you so much for playing my music! Performed by Adrián Silva Daniel Riveiro ...

"Fantasia Arabesque" performed by Kelby and Larry Sappington

I love this performance, thank you both so much for playing my music! Kelby Sappington - Flute Larry Sappington - Piano Watch 

"Squirrels" performed by Pax Ars Chamber Orchestra

Exciting performance! Thanks so much Pax Ars Chamber Orchestra! Watch 

"Highlands" performed by Romana Flute

Love this performance, thank you Romana for playing my music! Watch 

"Birds", Part 1 performed by Kate Prestia-Schaub, Kara Wuchner, Gigi Beene

Thank you Kate, Kara, and Gigi for the wonderful performance! I wish I could have been there. Kate Prestia-Schaub, Flute Kara Wuchne...

"Nocturne" performed by Salome Tsarakhova and Olga Ber

Thank you Salome, for your wonderful performance of Nocturne! I enjoyed it very much, thank you both for playing my music! Flute: Salome Tsarak...

"Rising Oceans" performed by Sophia Chechik and Olga Ber

Wow! I love it, I knew Sophia would play this so very beautifully, she’s outstanding! And Olga, thank you also for such a wonderful piano accompan...