La Lumière Flute Quartet Releases New Album

La Lumière Flute Quartet, who performed "Frequency" at The 6th International Flute Art Festival in Taipei, have released their debut album! We kept in touch ever since that performance and I feel fortunate to be their friend. Their new album features a variety of pieces and what an honor it is that "Frequency" is one of them, which came out fantastic! I love the confidence with which it is played, and how it flows so beautifully! Also, the gorgeous album cover was designed by ChiaWen Ou, who is a member of the flute quartet! The full credits are below:

Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Nicolas Chen
Flutes, Piccolos, Alto Flutes, Bass Flute: Chia-Hui Peng, I-Jung Liu, Yi-Tai Cheng, ChiaWen Ou
Art Design: ChiaWen Ou
Program Notes: Yu-Tai Cheng
Recording Dates: October 18 & 19, 2021
Recording Venue: KHS Hall
Release Date: December 2021
Special Thanks to KHS Pro Shop, Ching-Ling Chuang, Daniel Wu

The entire album can be heard on Spotify

 Below is La Lumière Flute Quartet's 2021 performance of "Frequency" at the 6th International Flute Art Festival in the Taipei National Recital Hall.