About "Iroquois Suite"




The gratefulness for nature stands central in Native American culture and the Iroquois Suite is a testament of that. For this first movement, I chose the alto flute for its warm, earthy tones. It is earth in its serene state, as it is at early sunrise before we
awaken. Tranquil and pure. The slight downward bend at the end of the long notes is a common Native American technique.

Eagle Cry

Hear the first signs of life echoing in the distance. Be awakened by the eagle at the start of a beautiful day.

Morning Dance

It is time to celebrate the new day with a dance. Uplifting and vibrant. The rhythm has become increasingly more important with each movement. Listen as the enticing rhythmic
development culminates into the next movement.


‘Wings’ allows the flutist and the bird to fly high and freely. Feel the inexhaustible energy the bird has for life and experience its breathtaking views. Follow the journey from the first tiny motions of the innocent newborn bird to the strong-spirited adult soaring high above the earth. The low, repeating notes represent the bird as it makes its first attempts to spread its wings. Experience the uplifting weightlessness as you go higher and higher until fully in flight. At the end of the journey you’ll hear the calming call of the earth. She calls repeatedly to the bird to rest back on her soil. As the sun slowly sets, the bird reluctantly carries itself back to the earth. ‘Wings’ tests the mastery of the bird as well as the flutist!

Tree of peace

Time to reflect by the calming ‘Tree of Peace’. Calm the mind and be one with nature. Meditate and be at peace.

Mohawk Valley

Finally, we are back with the warm, soothing sound of the alto flute for the conclusion of the Iroquois Suite. Mohawk Valley: a peaceful gathering place to say ‘goodbye’. Making peace with the memories of life and land lost.

"Yamaha Performing Flute/Piccolo Artist and Clinician Tracy Harris is a dedicated soloist, chamber musician, flute clinician, author and adjudicator for national/international competitions, and is the flute professor at the College of the Sequoias. Members of her international studio have won national and international competitions.  Performing internationally, Ms. Harris gives numerous solo performances, chamber recitals, clinics, flute boots, and master classes. She has soloed with internationally known artists and symphony orchestras and has recorded for Disney studios and PBS television."

-Excerpt from Tracy's website.